Some of the Terrestrial Broadcast Network Projects are:

  • Establishment of Common Transmission Infrastructure for Private FM Broadcasters during FM Phase –II in 82 Cities across India.
  • Supply and commissioning of 2 numbers of 1000 KW MW AM Super Power, solid-state transmitters at Rajkot and Chinsura for AIR external services.
  • Repair, renovation and modification of 3 numbers of 156.25 meter high self radiating mast of SPT AIR, Rajkot. Establishment of Television studio for M/s Constellation Business Group, USA in Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • Supply of RF Feeder Line for SW Transmitter in Bangladesh for Thales Multimedia & Broadcast, Turgi, Switzerland.
  • Supply of 200 kW MW Transmitter for All India Radio at Najibabad.
  • Supply of 2 X 100 kW MW Transmitter for All India Radio, Raipur & Delhi.
  • Supply & Installation of Transmitter, Antenna, Tower and cables for Shaq Network, Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
  • Revamping and restoration of information setup including Radio and TV facilities in Afghanistan.
  • Restoration/Augmentation of Television Hardware in Jalalabad and Nangarhar provinces of Afghanistan.

And many more ……………