1. Holograms and Holographic Solutions:-

    Counterfeiting is a menace spreading all over the world and is making significant damages to economy and the fact is that it becomes difficult for consumers and authorities to differentiate between fake vs genuine in absence of authentication features. Authentication solutions are very important in engaging consumers in their fight against fakes.Holograms have served as anti-counterfeit security devices since the late 1970's. Typically, a hologram is a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or coherent light source. Security holograms are perfect anti-counterfeiting tools that have come a long way in fighting duplicity and it finds its application in almost all sectors including industrial, commercial and residential proving to be one of the best devices to combat forgery.

    Considering the scope in this particular field of work BECIL has widened the repertoire by identifying the fine nuances of the Hologram industry. With state of the art features and expertise of leading Industry partners BECIL now has the capacity to cater to any kind of requirement pertaining to manufacture and supply of security solutions such as Security Holograms, Hologram Strips & Seals, Holographic Security Films & Labels, Security Seals for Energy Meters and Document Security Solutions.

    This is one more step towards the perennial pursuit of consistently enhancing our business share in the market through providing specialized and customized solutions to a wider range of clients and reinstate our momentum of growth.


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