A. Electronic Media Monitoring Centre (EMMC)

BECIL has carried out the augmentation of EMMC for monitoring 900 TV channel with setting up of Centralized Monitoring mechanism provided for additional machinery, equipment, other technical setup and office space to EMMC at 10th floors.

  • Enhancing the existing monitoring capacity from 300 to 1500 satellite TV channels.
  • Carrying out civil modifications and fabrications of lasting aesthetic quality and functionality to suit functional requirement and high-valued interiors including uninterrupted power supply, Acoustic Works and Precision Air-conditioning, etc, at Soochna Bhawan.
  • Installation of adequate number of professional quality Dish Antennae of different sizes looking/pointing towards all the satellites with footprint over India with highly configurable Radio Frequency Switching System connected to computer controlled satellite and routing of RF down linked output to respective loggers, etc.

B. Design, Development and maintenance of Web-portal and Computerization of Inventory Management and Other Business Processes

Design and development of Web Portal to access various modules of Solution Application like Broadcast Wing’s Portal, Companies/User’s Portal, other matter related portal etc. Design, Development, testing, security certification, training of personnel, piloting and commissioning.

C. CCTV Surveillance System

Designing, Supply, Installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of integrated security system and other locations comprising of CCTV Surveillance System and Personal & Baggage Screening System.

D. International projects for SITC

Supply, Installation, testing, commissioning of Hardware & Software, class room equipment, setup of Networking.