In today’s complex national security environment, investigations more often require highly specialized and technical expertise. To better address these challenges, one of the policing capabilities that Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Ltd (BECIL) (A Govt. of India Enterprise under M/o Information & Broadcasting), Noida focuses on is digital forensics, a rapidly changing discipline which requires robust policies and procedures. As a neutral platform for law enforcement cooperation, BECIL continues its work to encourage and enhance communication and best practice development in our country.

There are large number of cases pending in the country for the want of digital forensics. For the purpose to help in speedy resolution of cases, Digital Forensic Laboratory at BECIL has been established under the able leadership of Shri George Kuruvilla, Chairman & Managing Director (CMD) and guidance of Dr (Prof) Nishakant Ojha, Chief Strategic Officer (CSO).

The Digital Forensic Laboratory has been set up with procurement of latest equipment and software. Scientific officers, who have undergone expertise training at various institutes and have experience in various forensic science laboratories, have been appointed in the laboratory.

The laboratory is now ready to take up Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics, iOS and Android Analysis, Forensic Data Recovery, Email Forensics, Cloud and IoT Forensics, CCTV Forensics and Drone Forensics.




An increasing number of connected devices – smartphones, watches, GPS – can store meaningful information which could potentially become pieces of digital evidence. To meet this growing challenge, through Digital Forensics Lab, BECIL is assisting in building national digital forensic capacity and develop evidence management processes to better support investigations and prosecutions.

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